OPEN for registrations 2023

 Swakopmund Namibia



Welcome to the Dojo of Valdemar Swart ~ since 1991

Training @ The DOME, 5371 Welwitschia street SWAKOPMUND    

Contact:  +264 81 234 0134 (whatsapp or phone)

Training commences on Monday 16 January 2023

From 7 years & up  

(or 6 years and in grade 1)



Juniors (White - Orange belt)

17:30 - 18:30

17:30 - 18:30

Seniors (Green - Black Belts)

18:35 - 19:35

18:35 - 19:35

What does karate offer everyone?

KARATE is an excellent form of self-defense. It encourages self-discipline, integrity, builds muscle power, increases concentration and promotes a code of integrity in behavior

Mission Statement:  our passion is children, our focus is discipline & helping to establish a positive self image & value system

Dojo achievements

Our athletes achieve international recognition in WKF events all over the globe

We attended JSKA World Cup events in South Africa (2004), New York (2006) Portugal (2010), Mexico (2012) & Italy (2014), Namibia (2016)

Also WKF Premier league events (2019), WKF Youth League events (2020) & WKF Olympic qualifying events (2021) the past 3 years

We hosted the JSKA Namibia World Cup (2016) & WKF Region 5 Championships (2019)

 6 National qualified referees & 20 judges

Proudly Region 5 & UFAK judges

Shotokan Karate Swakopmund is affiliation to JSKA World Karate & Namibian Karate Federation (affiliated to the Sport Commission of Namibia)

Affiliated to JSKA Japan

We offer Traditional & Sport Karate, extra classes for Brown belts and Namibian Team athletes, development of judges & referees and self defense courses for women in our community development program

GRADINGS are held every 3rd month to test for individual improvement